WEBOTIT is a "Conversational Commerce as a Service" solution adapted to retail companies and brands.

In a world in which online and offline user experience are merging into one, we allow our clients to take part in the conversational e-commerce revolution via cross-platform virtual assistants (functional on Facebook Messenger and other popular messenger apps, mobile apps and websites) as well as a powerful system of data gathering and analysis.

We adapt the personality and functionality of each chatbot to our clientele to create automated 1-on-1 client relations and accelerate their transformation towards Commerce 3.0 : an omni channel client experience that is customizable and brings about the « digital in-store ».

As anAssistant Project Manager, you will be working in collaboration with our CEO and CMO to identify and answer important questions with regards to the vision, marketing and communication of our product portfolio.

Typical Week
  • Take part in the conception of new features to implement.
  • Writing and editing of product specifications to be sent to the technical team.
  • Content creation of B2B chatbots (scripting, graphic identity, etc.)
  • User experience improvement of existent features.
  • Follow up and analysis on the performance of newly implemented features.

  • Bachelor's degree or Master's degree of Commerce or related fields, ideally with a Marketing specialization
  • Good knowledge of digital marketing
  • Ability to analyze and manipulate large amounts of data
  • Clear and concise written and oral communication, good level of English
  • Strong interest in new technologies and artifical intelligence

Bonus Points
  • Previous experience in a team or marketing agency
  • Previous experience in the world of chatbots or artifical intelligence
  • Basic knowledge of R, Node.js or Javascript
  • High level of written or oral communication in one of the following languages: Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese

All internships can lead to a full time position.

This position will have to be held in Paris.

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