Key points

Intelligence, Conveniency, Security

This is no laughing matter to us. We work with high-end technologies, our bots are easy access to your clients, practical to your collaborators and the security of your data and your clients' is our top priority.



Advanced artificial intelligence

We use LUIS, a powerful AI framework made by Microsoft which allows us to plug in intricate understandings and nuances of the human language into our chatbots so that they can give coherent and human-like answers.


Easy access and intuitive.

No need for downloads or updates to get your clients going. They can interact directly with your chatbot either via social network platforms, your website, their favourite messenger app, texts, or emails, you name it... We can also create fast access points with QR Code or Beacon technologies.




Sales Interface

As a retailer, you probably dreamt of knowing what your clients look for as they enter your shop, or you wish you knew which client is in a rush, or which one is in no need for help. Maybe you wish you could know their exact budget and needs... Our sales interface brings you exactly that. It gathers all the relevant information from chatbot/client exchanges during the course of all their purchases and then makes it available to all your salespeople so they can exploit it for better efficiency.


Data and secure payments

Data security is one the greatest issues of the 21st century. We are extremely thorough about such matters. All our chatbot data is numerised from end to end and tightly secured on our high-end Microsoft Azure servers.



Powerful, multifunction, and smart

Our chatbots can perform a wide array of tasks in conjunction with what you do in an automated and practical fashion.


Drive to store

We offer multiple methods to entice those who interact with your chatbot to come in person to one of your points of sale.


Store to web

More than 6 out of 10 people look up the internet while they browse in stores. Create an unforgettable and harmonious experience on the web as well as in-store with our "phygital" chatbot solutions.


Chat & Collect

Thanks to your chatbot, your clients can do their purchases directly in their conversation and pick up their product as they leave one of your stores.


Automated client service

Artifical Intelligence helps you better understand your clients' questions and to answer them automatically and instantaneously.


CRM and Marketing connection

Your chatbot is your greatest new source of information and provides myriad insights to considerably enhance your CRM. That information will be invaluable for the refinement of your marketing strategy.


Store Finder

If your clients want to know where to find the closest store, or your opening hours, they will now be able to ask the chatbot.


Product Recommendation

We use advanced algorithms that make your chatbot better understand your clients and always recommend the product that is most adapted to their needs.


Cross-sale and Up-sale

Our chatbots understand the connection between different products and can recommend better products as well as sell additional ones to the user.


Prize competitions

Your chatbot can take charge of your prize competitions! No more paperwork. Make way for conversational participation!


Analyze tastes

Our chatbots not only understand your clients' needs but also their tastes, allowing for much more personalized recommendations!


Payment in conversations

Thanks to Facebook Payments, your users can purchase items within their chatbot conversation. From product discovery to purchase.


Scan products

With a simple picture of one of your products, your chatbot can read its bar code and send back more detailed information about the product.

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